Learn math and logical thinking in a fun and kid’s friendly way. Course follows Ontario Curriculum.

MathMind G4


    22 weeks


    60 minutes

  • FEE


About the course

This course is designed for grade 4 students who study in Ontario, Canada or equivalent level. Our instructors have mixed Math curriculum with many interesting elements to help our students gain the interests in Math and improve their understanding of various Math concepts and equations. Our unique Math course focuses on building the abilities of problem-solving and logical thinking, which will help students in their future learning journey. This Math-focused course contains, but not limited to, following topics:

  • Ontario grade 4 math curriculum
  • Beaver Computing Challenge (BCC) from University of Waterloo
  • Singapore Math Level 3

Each class is a combination of Lecture and Exercise:

  • Lecture Session: this session focuses on curriculum based knowledge and Math concepts
  • Exercise Session: this session is for students to practice the knowledge they learned in the lecture session and is guided by the instructor

The ultimate goal of this course is to build up the interest of Math at a early stage and establish a solid fundation of the knowledge. Our students will be able to acquire the knowledge that is required by Ontario curriculum. With a solid Math foundation, students will be introduced with some abstract concepts to improve their logical thinking.

Course Syllabus - Fall Term

Module 1: Number Concepts and Number Operations
Module 2: Number Operations and Math Strategy
Module 3: Fractions, Decimals
Module 4: Money in Fractions with Math Strategy
Module 5: Time and Dates with Math
Module 6: Length, Area and Capacity (1)
Module 7: Shapes and Solid Objects (1)
Module 8: Shapes and Solid Objects (2)
Module 9: Pattern
Module 10: Variables and Equations (1)
Module 11: Waterloo Beaver Contest Training (1)
Module 12: Waterloo Beaver Contest Training (2)

Course Syllabus - Winter Term

Module 1: Length, Area and Capacity (2)
Module 2: Shapes and Solid Objects (3)
Module 3: Shapes and Solid Objects (4)
Module 4: Variables and Equations (2)
Module 5: Variables and Equations (3)
Module 6: Data and Probability (1)
Module 7: Data and Probability (2)
Module 8: Waterloo Beaver Contest Training (1)
Module 9: Waterloo Beaver Contest Training (2)
Module 10: Waterloo Beaver Contest Training (3)


  • Completed grade 3 according to Ontario’s curriculum or equivalent level


Currently in grade 4 or equivalent level

Course Delivery Format

  • This course contains 12 classes for Fall term and 10 classes for Winter term
  • Each class runs for 60 minutes with no break
  • One class per week
  • This course will be delivered via zoom or other online meeting tool
  • Class materials will be delivered to the students via google classroom and/or paper-based materials
  • This course contains various interactions between students and the teacher


  • A desktop or laptop is preferred. Tablet and Mobile phone are acceptable but not recommended for this course.
  • Stable internet connection
  • Chrome 63 or higher, Edge 15 or higher, Firefox 57 or higher, Safari 11 or higher, Mobile Chrome 63 or higher, Mobile Safari 11 or higher. Internet Explorer is NOT supported.
  • A webcam and a microphone are strongly recommended for teacher-student face-to-face communication.

How to Apply

Email us at


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