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If you are wondering how the coding world looks like, jump onto our ship and sail with us on a fun and interesting course for beginners.

CodingMind Basic (2)


    8 Weeks


    90 minutes

  • FEE


About the course

This course is the continuation for CodingMind Basic (1), which is designed for beginners. In the 8-week course, students will learn the basic knowledge of computer science and many core programming concepts. There will be 12+ fun and interesting Scratch projects for students to advance their hands-on coding skills.

Each class consists of 2 sessions: Lecture and Coding:

  • Lecture Session: this session focuses on computer science knowledge and coding concepts
  • Coding Session: this session is for students to practice the knowledge they learned in the lecture session.

The ultimate goal of this course is to build up the interest of computer science and establish a solid fundation of programming knowledge. Our students will be able to apply what they have learned to other related academic fields, such as math and science. They will feel comfortable and ease to learn any other programming language in the future. At the end of this course, students will receive the CodingMind certificate.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Variables and Truth Table
Module 2: Arithmetic operations and Built-in operators
Module 3: Advanced movement control using sensors
Module 4: Function and Broadcast
Module 5: Clone and Application
Module 6: Introduction to Binary Format and Operations
Module 7: Final Project (1)
Module 8: Final Project (2)


  • Completion of CodingMind Basic (1)
  • Understanding of basic math (Grade 3 math)


8+ (best for age 10 ~ 15)

Course Delivery Format

  • This course contains 8 classes
  • Each class runs for 90 minutes
  • One class per week
  • This course will be delivered via zoom or other online meeting tool
  • A Scratch online classroom will be provided to the students in order to access class materials and projects
  • This course contains various interactions between students and the teacher. During the coding session, students will be divided into small groups and work on assigned projects individually, along with teacher’s instruction and group discussion.


  • A desktop or laptop is preferred. Tablet is acceptable but not recommended. Mobile phone is not recommended for this course.
  • Stable internet connection
  • Chrome 63 or higher, Edge 15 or higher, Firefox 57 or higher, Safari 11 or higher, Mobile Chrome 63 or higher, Mobile Safari 11 or higher. Internet Explorer is NOT supported.
  • A webcam and a microphone are strongly recommended for teacher-student face-to-face communication.

How to Apply

Email us at

Katrina (Qingqing) Zhou

Katrina (Qingqing) Zhou

Computer Science | Math

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